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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Delving into Dungeons & Dragons


Getting into the experience of Dungeons & Dragons can feel awfully daunting to the uninitiated. The thing to consider in todays D&D world is the shear level of accessibility that is involved now. With not only the physical books, but the fact that PDF's are rather easy to come across, and the digital platforms provided by not only official source, but the enthusiasts that maintain extensive knowledge to help friends and family dive in. How about we dive into a list here. A list of what I feel are the best links that ANY D&D player should have bookmarked.

Adventures and Maps

Adventure Lookup
The Arcane Library
Axebane's Maps!
D&D Maps n' Stuff
DM Paul Weber
DMDave | Fifth Edition Monsters, Maps, and More
Dyson's Dodecahedron | Award Winning Dungeon Design

Dice Roller

Fast Dice Roll | Quick Online Dice Roller
Table Top RPG Tools - RollAdvantage

Digital DM Screen

5e Dungeon Master Screen | Online Fifth Edition DM Screen


Bringing Gamers Together | RPTools
D&D Beyond - An official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e)
Tabletop Audio - Ambiences and Music for Tabletop Role Playing Games
The Old System


5th Edition SRD
5th Edition SRD

Virtual Character Sheets

Fantasy name generators. Names for all your fantasy characters.
Fast Character | D&D Character Sheets Instantly For DnD 5e

Virtual Environments

Astral TableTop
Mythic Table | Mythic Table
Owlbear Rodeo


Arcane Eye
Sly Flourish: Helping Dungeon Masters run great D&D games.
Dungeon Master Assistance


1985 Games Presents Dungeon Craft
Crit Academy | D&D Podcast | D&D 5e Resources | D&D Content Creator
D&D Official Homepage | Dungeons & Dragons
Dice Geeks - The Largest RPG Download Store!
Dungeon Masters Guild
Roll & Play Press

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