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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Plots and Schemes

What does Notes and Nerds have up their sleeves?  Well, we could tell you, but....

Yeah, it is that time of year.  The time of the year when things slow down.  The time when family comes first, and the conventions come to a near standstill.

Don't worry, we will still put out content from time to time.  However, Notes and Nerds will be stepping back for a couple of months until the new year.  We are going to be plotting, scheming, planning, and focusing.

Why all of the plotting, scheming, planning, and focusing?  Well, we need to focus on what type of content we want to present next year.  We have the website where we post articles, youtube and facebook where we post videos, and the new podcast that is still discovering itself.  We want to start looking at a means to bring you, the audience, content you want to read, watch, and listen to.

We love doing interviews, and that is what a lot of our videos tend to focus on.  We also want to put more effort into video game streaming.  The podcast is something we want to use as a means to do MORE interviews with interesting people.  We also want to bring you more photographic adventures at cons, expos, concerts, and festivals.

With all of that in mind, there are a few things we want to integrate into our repertoire of tools.  Many of our older gaming videos were shot with an external camera on a tv screen.  Those are cool in some aspects, but are exceptionally challenging to set up.  We intend to add a video capture device to the studio pc to produce better videos.  The intent is to also do something like "list" based video game shows focusing on genres, consoles, etc.  We also want to live stream classic games using actual hardware rather than emulation.  Keep in mind that emulation may be used at times to compensate for the hardware limitations of certain consoles (Atari 2600 - 7800, TurboGrafx-16, and any that us Coaxial/RF).  With the use of emulation we will do our best to maintain the vintage look, but we will also "fix" the graphical appearance of the games for visual performance.  These list shows are not intended to be "ratings" based, but rather showcasing games you need to play.

We will also be budgeting for various shows.  We want to get to as many conventions, expos, concerts, and festivals as possible in 2019.  This means expenses.  Hotels, fuel, food, etc.  These are things that we need to make sure we are prepared for.

If you want to help us out with all of our needs, please become a Patron!  All we ask is a Dollar a Month...$1.00!  With that, you get to be added into our monthly contest giveaway for some cool nerdy goodies.  You contributions will enable us to do more on a bigger budget.

All in all, the next couple of months we will be pushing out less video content, and may seem "quiet" for certain periods.  We aren't going anywhere.  We are just preparing for 2019 to bring a bigger bang to you, the audience and fans.

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