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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Notes and Nerds Tabletop Escape - Thief's Hoard

Looking to express your devious side?  Do you want to assemble a crack team of thieves to steal precious items, only to possibly backstab them for their loot?  In our first ever "Tabletop Escape" article, we introduce to you "Thief's Hoard" from Brass Engine Productions.

Haven't heard of "Thief's Hoard"?  Well, that is okay.  We forgive you.  That is only because this is a brand new game launching in crowdfunding on Kickstarter starting May 14th, 2018!  Our friends over at Brass Engine productions have been working on this game for a while now perfecting the look, feel, and the ever so important play mechanics of this game to ensure that it is a quality fun title when it reaches your tabletop.  In this article, we are going to review the game itself, but not the actual play...yet.  That will definitely come later.

1.  Presentation

Overall, this game comes in a small box not unlike other card based games.  The box is sturdy, and will definitely survive a trip over to the friends house for on the go fun.  Both the top and the bottom trays are decorated.  The bottom tray even has some fun "tips and tricks" for play.

The instructions for the title are simple enough that they do not require a massive book.  Don't let that deter you at all, a lot of thought went into the instructions, as it isn't just some random looking sheet of paper.  It fits the theme just fine.

2. Materials

Choosing the card stock for a card game shouldn't be rocket science.  With a game that uses nothing but cards, good card stock is all one needs.  In this game, you have good card stock.  Now, we are not talking about on par with some games like Magic the Gathering.  However, these cards do have a sturdy feel similar to that of most standard playing cards on the market.  I have to admit that this is the stock style I prefer most.  Why?  It "bends" well without causing much in the way of damage to the card.  I also find that the cards are easier to pick up off of a flat surface thanks to the stock used.

3. Play Mechanics

As previously stated, we have not going through with a full play through on the game yet.  The reason for that is so we can produce a fun play through video here soon.  However, the instructions for Thief's Hoard are very straight forward.  The overall object of the game is to be the player with $10,000 worth of loot at the end of the round.  How to reach that goal is all in the instructions.  What I especially love here is that there is NO complicated systems to achieve goals.  It is a game that friends can play while having drinks, the family can gather around for family game nights, and something you can take to gaming expos to share with other gaming fans.  Everyone should be able to pick this game up and be playing with in moments.

Overall folks, this game is WELL worth the investment.  There is a lot of fun to be had in this title.  Definitely not one of those play once, and done types.  Each new play through will present new results every time.

Thief's Hoard is the first tabletop game that shall receive our special seal of approval.

For more information, you can visit the official Thief's Hoard website at

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