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Monday, May 21, 2018

A Bibliophile Review of "The Humming Blade" by Christopher Clark

The Humming Blade is a story about a young man who is forced to take a perilous path in effort to rescue those he loves from an uncertain fate. His only companions on this fateful journey are three secretive strangers, a magical sword, and a mystical cat with secrets of his own.

The story begins as our hero, Wyatt, has a very vivid dream of chaos and destruction. He also dreams of a sword with special qualities. Little does Wyatt know, this dream is only the beginning of a very real nightmare.

Our hero meets a mystical cat deep within a cave where he has bid farewell to his best friend. An earthquake has caused more than one awakening, and released a magical sword that shares it's essence with the cheeky but powerful feline.

Soon after the earthquake, Wyatt's life is turned upside down as his mother is gravely injured and he learns the truth about her existence, and his own. When his mother disappears and his house blows up, he is set on a path that will lead him to the very ends of the earth.

Honestly, this story has it all. Magic, war, dragons and gods, an epic quest, and self realization. Will Wyatt find his mother? Will he save her, and the world?

It was difficult for me to really get going with this one, but once I got into it, I was not left disappointed. Well, not completely. The story ends unfinished. There are bits that feel like an afterthought here and there. There are parts that seem forgotten. I do look forward to a second installment, as I feel it will answer those questions, and will also be a worthy read.

I give this book 3 and a half out of 5 stars.

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