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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Keith the Critic Movie Reviews - Coco

This animated movie follows young Miguel Rivera, voiced by Anthony Gonzalez, who wants to be a musician. The only problem is that his family does not allow music of any kind in their household.

Long ago Miguel's great great grandmother's husband left her for a career in music. After this she opened a shoemaking business to care for herself and daughter Coco. Music was to be forever banned.

On the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday, Miguel plans to secretly enter a talent show. He enters the mausoleum of famed musician Ernesto to borrow his guitar. On this day, families display pictures of the members of their family who have died allowing them to visit the Land of the Living for this one day of the year. Inside the mausoleum Miguel becomes invisible to the living and can only be seen by the dead. After discovering that he has been cursed for his thievery, he is taken to the Land of the Dead where he must receive a blessing from his family in order to lift the curse and return home. However, he must do it before sundown.

I enjoyed Coco which won a Golden Globe for best animated movie. The animation was fantastic as was the story. Other voiced roles were done by Benjamin Bratt and Gael Garcia Bernal who were tremendous. I highly recommend that you take your whole family including the older members to this movie.

I gave it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

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