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Monday, December 4, 2017

Keith the Critic Movie Reviews - American Made

Sometimes, being made in America is a good thing.  Sometimes, as Keith the Critic reviews, "American Made" could be a little dangerous.

Tom Cruise plays Barry Seal, a pilot for TWA. When the CIA offers him a job running reconnaissance missions, he jumps at the chance. Soon however, he's doing more than taking pictures. Smuggling is a very lucrative business. But when the DEA catches on, the CIA moves Barry, his wife Lucy (Sarah Wright), and his children to Arkansas.

Barry now has his own airport and business is booming. He now can add money laundering to his way of life as well. How much longer can he continue living on the edge?

I thought this movie was good but not great. Tom Cruise was his usual self. Many people will tell you that all of his parts are the same, but I disagree. The sets in this movie were well designed but the script was weak. This was based off of a true story that took place in the 80's and they did a good job of portraying that era. Doug Liman was the director and did an average job.

I can only give this movie 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.

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