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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fan Theory Time - Grindelwald is Voldemort's Father!?

How much do we really know about Tom Riddle Sr.? Not really a whole lot to know, is there?  I have a theory with a little bit of information that points to Gellert Grindelwald and Tom Riddle Sr. being one and the same.  Thus making Grindelwald Voldemort's father!

Why do I suggest this? Well, keep reading!

Gellert Grindelwald was born about the time of, 1880 to 1883. It is rather interesting to note that the birth of Tom Riddle Sr's information is not "set in stone", but most likely around 1905. However, is that the birth of a person, or a persona?  Yes, Tom Riddle has parents.  But during the timeline, could Grindelwald have taken over Riddle's persona to create a son?

Voldemort's birth is around 1926. This would make Tom Riddle Sr. approximately 21 years old by that time. However, it would make Grindelwald in his 40's. The potential of that age being when Grindelwald would father a child very possible.

Voldemort was abandoned to an orphanage when he was born, due to his father not being around and his mother dying during birth. What if this was planned?  Grindelwald wanted an obscurus during the events in Fantastic Beasts.  We find that Voldemort was trying to repress his magical abilities when he reached the "right age" while in the orphanage system.  As we now know, a child becomes an obscurial when they fail to repress the powers, which always takes over in the end.  Voldemort was a second attempt to create such a magical beast to control.  However, Dumbledore was able to find Riddle Jr. in a London orphanage before it was too late.

But, we KNOW that Tom Riddle Sr. is Voldemort's father.  Technically, this is true.  What if Tom Riddle was Grindelwald's secret identity to allow him to move about untouched.  Grindelwald was well known to just "disappear", making him difficult to find.  We also know for a fact that he has the ability to change his appearance.  This answers the question of how he was able to "disappear" when everyone in the magic world was searching for him.  They were looking for Grindelwald, NOT Tom Riddle.

The big issue here is the fact that both Voldemort and Grindelwald have the same goals.  They both seek power over muggles, and non-magical folks.  Voldemort, in his mental instability, took it further by demanding purity within the magical world.

The parallels between the two (Father/Son) is rather interesting.  What are your thoughts?  Discuss below!

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