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Monday, April 24, 2017

Spoiler Alerts: The Rules

So, we all see spoiler alerts.  Sometimes we avoid the spoilers, or we forego the warning and look anyway.  However, what are the rules to determining if something is a spoiler alert, and the overall time frame it should be in effect?  Let's tackle that here!

Everyone has their own set of rules to determine what constitutes a spoiler alert.  We also have rules to determine the time frame for how long something should come with the warning.  Sometimes, those rules don't mean squat to some people, and they complain anyway.  We want to establish our OWN rules for the dreaded "Spoiler Alert".

We are going to break it down as best we can, and add in some time frames that we hope works for you.
  1. Television Shows
    • Weekly - 24 to 48 hour period after the show has aired.  With many people becoming cord cutters, they have to wait until the next day for a show to be released on Hulu, or other streaming services.
    • Netflix Series - Since these shows are dropped all at once, one should allow for a minimum 46 hours.  A weekend binge session should ensure that everyone has watched.
    • Import Shows - Doctor Who doesn't really count, as it is within that 24 hour period since BBC and BBC America release the show within the same day.  However, there are other shows that are aired MONTHS after they air overseas.  The best we can suggest is...good luck.
  2. Movies
    • 24 to 48 hours is the general rule of thumb across the board.  Articles and blogs about new theatrical releases are generally released immediately with a "spoiler free" review during the first 24 hours.  However, after a 48 hour period, spoilers will be added.
    • If the film is being released to DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital, no warnings regarding spoilers will be observed. 
  3. Video games
    • This can be tough.  New releases should be given about 72 hours minimum.  This generally allows for most hardcore gamers to finish the game, regardless of side missions.
  4. Books
    • One week should be observed to allow for the book to be fully digested by the reader.
  5. General Rule
    • Anything that has been out for more than 6 months is not obligated to carry a Spoiler Alert warning.  All attempts to avoid the spoilers are left solely in the hands of the individual that has yet to watch, read, or play the content in question.  Majority rules there.
    • Any films, or television shows that are directly based on a book, a comic book, or a video game will be handled with similar standards and rules as above.  We will not divulge information about plots, storylines, etc.  Reason being is that fans of a film, or television series based on a property from another medium may not be familiar with that other medium.

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