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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Power Within Puppets

The Puppet Forge brings magic through puppetry.

Have you ever been sitting around the house with a hand in a sock talking to yourself? You're not crazy.... maybe a little weird, though. Doing something like this is the simplest form of puppetry.

On Saturday May 21st, Notes and Nerds got to meet Cicero and Gordon from The Puppet Forge at Planet Comicon. Gordon, who is a puppeteer and Cicero, an unreleased puppet. I was able to get an interview with them both.

The Puppet Forge is alot like Jim Henson's Creature Shop, but for adults. They've helped with, and make shows like Transylvania Television, On The Lot, Choo Choo Bob Show, The Mightly Fairly, Berkley Fishing, and Minnesota State Lottery.

To see more from The Puppet Forge, go to the links below.

The Puppet Forge:
Transylvania Television:

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