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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Captain America's Allegiance to...No, wait! Seriously!?

Captain America has been a force of nature within the Marvel universe.  Of course, that being Steve Rogers, the man behind the shield.  He has stood for everything that represents the United States of America.  He was the patriot of patriots.  He was the poster boy for what it means to be "American"...until now.

Marvel, in all of their wisdom, has decided that it was time to "spice things up" with the man with the shield.  On Wednesday the 25th of May, 2016, TIME ran an article regarding Steve Rogers returning to his duties of wearing the mantle of Captain America.  He has a new costume, and a new shield.  He also has a new attitude, it would appear, with a declaration of allegiance to none other than the organization he has been fighting against for decades.  Hydra.

Many fans have voiced their opinions throughout the day regarding this revelation.  Many have said that it must be a ploy, it must be a gimmick.  Some have reasoned that Captain America is a Life Model Decoy, a clone, or from an alternate universe.  Nick Spencer's pitched how Steve Rogers got his youth and vigor back was a part of the 75th anniversary.  It was a means to put Captain America back front and center.  However, he also pitched another story idea where it puts everything about Steve Rogers into question.  This being his allegiance to Hydra.  At what depth is he a part of Hydra is unclear at this writing, but regardless, he has been hailing Hydra since the days when he was a sickly patriot wanting to serve his country during WWII.
Glenn Jones
"It's nothing more than a ploy to boost numbers as they play off the success of the movies. They have to throw a major twist in there to help hold interest."
Some still look at this story angle as nothing more than a gimmick to help separate the two characters in the comics, and in the films.
Tom Brevoort -Marvel, Editor"I certainly believe it’s not a gimmick. It’s a story that we spent a long time on, that’s compelling and captures the zeitgeist of the world. It will make readers wonder how the heck we’ll get out of this."
 So, not being a "gimmick", this puts fans into a position of whether, or not what they are reading is "trustworthy".  Does Captain America have an endgame, or has he actually been a deep cover operative of Hydra all along?  There is an even bigger question, though.  Is it even worth reading any longer.

David Foster -
"Think of all the hard core fans that have held him in such high regard for his patriotism as well as virtue. It'll rattle several generations and not in a good way. 
Their entire lives mind you."
Captain America is a character that has represented the "little man".  He represented what great things that everyone could achieve.  Oh, sure.  He had the help of a super serum, but the point still stands that fighting for your beliefs, and ideals with optimism will overshadow the negativity and chaos of the world around us.  Steve Rogers was a character that fans looked up to.

Nikki Blackburn - Fan, Radio personality V100
"The biggest issue I have is that they're taking a character created by two Jewish creators to stand up against people like Hitler and fundamentally changing him into a character who's been supporting that kind of evil. Steve has seen some changes over the years but he's been one of the few characters we have to represent American idealism and fighting against bullies. This potentially negates (75 years worth of) that message. Even if they "fix it", this is an attention grabber. It stinks of pour taste!" 
 The repercussions of this revelation regarding the character are going to be hard hitting for many months to come.  If Marvel downplays this in any way, it will greatly injure the reputation of Captain America, and Steve Rogers.  If they overplay it, it will be the same.  This is a delicate matter that the company may have to have a "retcon" situation ready, just in case.  The comic is trying to touch on the current political climate in the world today.  This is something that has made Captain America such a major character.  However, is trying to "reflect" reality in the comics the right way to approach the issues?  Is this something that should be viewed as a "good story" for Marvel?

Time will tell.  As it always does.

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