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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Retro Gaming Nerds S01E17 - Centipede for the Atari 7800

We are back after a short hiatus handling other projects, and with Middle School Promotion. We are kicking off the summer vacation with a "buggy" game. Centipede for the Atari 7800. No, it isn't actually a buggy game, it just...nevermind.

Anyway, you play as a gnome that is just out tending his garden one day when suddenly a giant centipede comes trudging through your beautiful mushroom garden. You also discover a monstrous spider is bouncing around, and destroying your mushrooms! What is a little gnome hard at work to do? Bust out his magic wand and blast those baddies away!

Wanna play the original Arcade version? You can play it over at IGN!

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