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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Larry The Cable Guy Tator Chips Review

Larry Knows How To Git-R-Done!

Thought we would try something a little different for this Notes & Nerds Blog. I will be doing a review on Larry The Cable Guy Tator Chips. I have tried some of thses chips in the past and really enjoy them, but I will sample all of them and give my honest opinion on each flavor.

Larry The Cable Guy Tator Chips: Barbeque Rib Flavored
Smell: A heavy smell of barbeque
Taste: a nice tasting barbeque sauce flavoring with a smokey aftertaste.

 Larry The Cable Guy Tator Chips: Burralo Wing Flavored
Smell: Heavy hot suace
Taste: A heavey hot spicey flavoring with a mild wing sauce taste.

 Larry The Cable Guy Tator Chips: Fried Dill Pickle Flavored
Smell: A very pleasent dill smell.
Taste: It taste just like a dill pickle, dead on!

Larry The Cable Guy Tator Chips: Biscuits & Gravy Flavored
Smell: A nice gravy and sausage smell
Taste: Taste just like Biscuits & Gravy, you get the taste of the gravy and sausage with the chip acting as the biscuit.

Larry The Cable Guy Tator Chips: Cheese Burger Flavored
Smell: a nice pickle and onion smell
Taste: A good ketchup and mustard flavoring with a light onion and chedder cheese taste.

 Larry The Cable Guy Tator Chips: Pass The Darn Ketchup Flavored
Smell: A heavy tomatoe smell
Taste: A nice ketchup flavoring with the tomatoes and a very light hink of vinegar.

Larry The Cable Guy Tator Chips: Tater Salad Flavored
Smell: strong smell of onion, vinegar, and celery powder.
Taste: strong flavor, not to salty. It definitely taste like mustard potatoe salad!

 Larry The Cable Guy Tator Chips: Chilli Cheese Fries Flavored
Smell: smells of strong chili powder
Taste: a good flavoring of chili powder, salty and tangy, good chedder cheese flavoring, and  a meaty aftertaste to it.

I give a 4 1/2 outta 5 N&N symbols. Over all these tater chips are very tasty, great smell and a delious taste to them. if you would something dirrerent in a potatoe chip I recamend these!

"Git-R-Done Foundation"
A porsche of the proceeds form his food products go to Larry The Cable Guy's Git-R-Done Foundation, a organization that donates to a number of causes like FFA, National Guard, and etc. The foundation has even donated more than $2 million to things like the Child Advocacy Center and to the Madonna Rehabilition Hospital. The Git-R-Done Foundation also helps troubled charitable organizations helping children and veterans.

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