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Thursday, January 15, 2015

CW's Arrow Mid Season Premier Trailer

Okay, I am a HUGE fan of Arrow on CW.  Sure, I thought the first season kind of sucked, but the second season kicked it into high gear.  This season, Season 3, has been spectacular on SO many levels, that I am a solid fan.  With the mid-season finale, I was agape with anticipation for the return on January 21st.

After watching the following trailer, I am sure you will agree.


If you don't want this season spoiled up to the mid-season finale, skip this part.

Oliver Queen faced off against Ra's Al Ghul, we are left to believe that Queen is dead.  It looks like a pretty sure thing considering he was run through with a sword, and fell off of the cliff of a tall mountain.  However, being a television show based on a comic book series, things happen.  Crazy things.  Things that normal shows can't use as a "get out of dead" card without ridicule.

**END OF SPOILER...sort of***

So, about that trailer.  Again, avoid this if you haven't seen any of this current season, as it will spoil events from the first half for you.  Of course, you could just go to the CW's website and catch up on the show.

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