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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why SyFy's Krypton May Suck

SyFy and David Goyer announced the new series "Krypton", and that it will be about Kal 'El's grandfather.  This is why I think this series will suck.

Now, this is purely a speculative point I am going to make, as no real details have yet emerged regarding the format that Krypton will follow.  All that we do know is that the story will follow around Kal El's grandfather on Krypton.  The story will contain intrigue, family bickering, inter-family bickering, political strife, and the usual run of the mill drama stuff.

However, there are some big things that this show can NOT have in it.  Kryptonians with super powers.  These powers include, x-ray/heat vision, super hearing, super strength, super speed, invulnerability, and the ability to fly/leap tall building in a single bound.  Why?  Because on their home planet, Kryptonians were as "normal" as we are on Earth.  Our yellow sun, the atmosphere, and the lower gravity of our planet is what gave Kal El/Clark Kent his abilities.

Without the super powers, the show almost gets to a point of being a little "run of the mill".  Even more so when you consider the things that the show will have in it was done already with another big SyFy show...Battlestar Galactica's spinoff prequel series, Caprica.

Even the looming threat of the planet exploding will not provide a central plot point to drive the series effectively, considering we are probably looking at a good handful of decades prior to that even happening!  "Oh no, are planet is going to 50 years."  From the perspective of a television show, that isn't exactly dramatic.  Especially when SyFy generally only carries a series for 4 to 5 seasons.

Something to consider, Brainiac may be a central possibility, depending on which version of him they want to use as an origin story.  This could make things interesting, as Brainiac was the catalyst for Krypton's destruction in one or two origin stories.

Regardless, David S. Goyer has the duty of being showrunner.  He has done some impressive work with comic book franchises, so there is hope that Krypton could turn out to be a show worth watching.  Just so long as they don't attempt the plot that drove Caprica.

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