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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gaming Recaps: Doom (multi-platform) (1993-Present)

Doom (1993-Present)

Doom is actually one of my favorite games, and it never gets old. Doom was made by Id Studios, the same people who made Wolfenstien 3D (1992). Doom has to be one of the most known PC games of all time. Doom was made by a very small group of 5 people and the first chapter was released via Shareware, but grew very popular and controversial during it's time because people have never seen anything like it before. Despite issues with people complaining on how it's too violent, Doom has had many sequels and spinoffs, it even has a reboot in production right now! Doom has left a legacy that is still going on today, and it doesn't have signs of stopping soon!

The gameplay of Doom is just like your normal FPS, go around and kill everything in your path while collecting items like power-ups and weapons, but with a little more. One of the things that makes you want to play it again is it's secrets. Each map in each chapter has it's own secrets. The secrets could be a secret door or a room, also the door could be opened by a timed switch. But one thing is for certain, it will give things like power-ups, weapons, armor, ammo, or health packs.

The game also had multiplayer, the player limit was 16 players, and the modes were deathmatch, co-op, domination, and free-for-all. The different weapons and power-ups in there make it really interesting and the maps have a lot a variation in them so it always seems new.

The game does have blood and gore, but may seem outdated to most new gamers. So, there are tons of mods to make it more gory by increasing the amount of gibs. One of these mods is Brutal Doom. This mod brings it up to modern standards by bring a fresh new look to it. There is also a map creation program to make your own Doom maps or wads.

Overall, This is a great game that I do suggest to many gamers, especially ones who likes FPS's. Even though it was made in 1993, there are plenty of mods to give it a fresh, new, modern look to the game. But the thing that matters is that it's fun, and that's the thing that really counts.

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