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Friday, November 21, 2014

A New Spawn Film Is In The Works!

New Spawn Movie Will Be Very Dark, Scary, and Rated-R

Todd McFarlane is in talks with Lions Gate Entertainment over a new Spawn movie.  Shooting will begin sometime next year. McFarlane says that this version of "Spawn" will be a lot darker, and more of a horror movie. The plot of the film will be center around two police detectives, Sam and Twitch, who are on the trail of a supernatural killer. No one is casted yet for the past of Spawn, but McFarlane said that Jamie Foxx wants the part very badly. This is the Spawn movie Todd Mcfarlane always wanted to make. Mcfarlane, who was very unhappy with the 1997 film, will have a lot of control over this project. 

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