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Monday, October 6, 2014

Luna Games (1-3)

Gamer's Review For The Luna Games.

Now, Halloween is coming up and most gamers are trying to figure out what to play. Most gamers would try to play games like Slender, Outlast, or Five Nights At Freddy's. However, I try to look for other outlandish and not-to-mainstream games, but mostly games that are free, and being a brony does help with that. Many other bronies try to look for a good grimdark fanfic, like Cupcakes or Rainbow Factory, but as a gamer, I try to look for some games. Now, there is Dreamy Rainbow or Story of the Blanks and even, Bent, but there is a game that is more infamous than those games, and it's called the Luna Games.

Now, I know what you're thinking, this has ponies in it yes, but that's what makes it scary. It's not what you expect, it's what you don't expect, and these games have a lot of unexpected things. Anyway, let's get started!

Luna Game

The first Luna Game has only one scare, but it will scare the hell out of you with something unexpected. Now, it starts with you just moving and jumping around, for you non-bronies you'll think this is stupid, and you move on into the game. About thirty seconds later, longer if you're standing still, and the screamer will pop out. Now, at first glance, there will be nothing menacing, but then we get to the good part. The thing is you can't move your mouse or exit out of the game using the ESC or ALT+F4. You have to use Task Manager and the arrow keys and ENTER just to get out of the game. After that chaos, there will be plenty of pictures and text files waiting for you. Now, the pics are the copies of the picture you got in the game, the text files just contain the words "The End Is Neigh". This caused many people to freak out and scan the whole computer. After many scans, players found out that it was a harmless prank. Now, this has spawned many sequels and fan games, and we are going to talk about most of them.

Luna Game 2 (Luna 2)

The second Luna Game is much like the first one, but with better graphics and a little bit longer game. The game starts with Luna (you) walking and jumping around like a normal platformer.  A message will be below you saying "Hold Shift To Run". Much like a simple platformer, you just move right and jump over obstacles, but as you keep going, the ground under you starts cracking up, and the screen gets darker. After a while, a zalgo Pinkie Pie screamer will pop up, and will try to scare you. Then, everything will turn red, ominous music will play, running will be disabled, and you will walk slower. Now, you will come to a cliff if you carry on to the right, and you'll have nowhere to go to. At this point, you'll have to jump off the cliff, doing so will cause Luna to fall and the screen to fade into darkness, and another screen will appear saying "You Died" and a picture of a bloody Luna below it. Like the last one, ESC or ALT+F4 won't work, you'll have to bring up Task Manager and use the arrow keys and ENTER to close the game.

Luna Game 3

The third installment of the series is the second longest game in it. It starts out like the second one, however the background and music has changed. Now, you just walk and jump to the right, as usual, but it will take a little bit more than a few minutes just to get to the climax. As you move along, the screen will get darker and the music will get slower and more distorted. After a while, the music will stop and silence will start, this goes on until you see a cliff, and you can jump over it. If you do jump over it, a distorted "Come out!" sound clip will play and the area will loop infinitely until you go down the cliff. Once you go down the cliff, another zalgo Pinkie Pie screamer will pop up and you will die. Then, it will go to a bloody Luna that is in pieces, a few seconds later, she will open her eyes and another screamer will pop up. After this, the game will end itself.

These games are not the only ones in the series, there are still are 6 games left, but I better end it now. I'm doing this just to make people who are interested in this, to find out what happens in the other games for themselves. These are pretty scary and disturbing games, and I do hope you play and enjoy them, but for right now, it's time to go. See ya!

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