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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Protesters Rally Against Superman

Superman on trial?  Anti-Alien protests?  The rumors are coming in droves, but back with a variety of on set pictures from Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice.

It would appear that all over twitter, and instagram, images are surfacing showing a protest rallying against the "Man of Steel".  The premise of the new film will show the people of Earth not exactly happy with how Supes handled the invasion that nearly destroyed the world as we know it, and decimating Metropolis.

Considering the movie has been out for a while, and this shouldn't be a spoiler by now, in Man of Steel, General Zod and his loyal followers come to Earth, no thanks to Clark Kent activating a beacon that attracted him in the first place.  When they arrive, they not only want to snatch up Kal El for essentially answer for his fathers crimes, but to use his DNA to repopulate Earth when it is terraformed as the new "Krypton".  They use a world ship that sends a massive penetrating beam from one side of the planet, through its core, into Metropolis.  Obviously, this kills hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and the ensuing battle between Superman and Zod destroys buildings, and kills MORE people that wasn't even immediately affected by the blast radius of the terraforming beam.

What is worse, this doesn't even include the small rural community that was destroyed in the middle of the film!

Call me cynical, but yeah, I can't exactly rally behind the Man of Steel for his lack of ability to confine to confrontation to a single area, or take it outside of the city...especially since Zod wanted him in the first place.

The new images that have been surfacing, along with tweets, show that humans of Earth do not like Supes.  They want him to leave in fear of him attracting bigger enemies from the stars.  There is even mention of a Superman "doll" that was lit on fire in the demonstration.

Now this really piques my interest in the sense that I am curious how Clark Kent will answer for these crimes, how he will ultimately redeem himself, and be recognized as a force for good for all of Earth.

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