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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Microsoft Makes A Deal With Minecraft's Makers

Microsoft To Buy Mojang For $2 Billion

Microsoft is talking to Mojang AB about buying their company for $2 billion. You may recognize Mojang for their game, Minecraft. The company said that the deal could be accepted as early as this week, Microsoft failed to say something, but does agree with the comment. This agreement is a big surprise for us because, two years ago, Mojang publicly railed against Microsoft, and now they're making an agreement just to have them buy their company. For Microsoft, Minecraft could renew the 13-year old Xbox business giving it a cult following with a large group of young fans and it would help with sales.

Minecraft is very popular for it's endless possibilities, letting gamers build anything they can think of, with dangers, such as spiders, skeletons, and the popular Creepers. Microsoft buying this company could bring lots of popularity and make a big name for itself.

Minecraft started as a hobby project, then got bigger, and bigger through word of mouth and internet recommendations, until it got to what it is today. This game still is very popular among gamers and is one of the best selling games of all time, and all that Microsoft needs to do is to keep the popularity with the game and they've got it made.

In my opinion, Microsoft is one of the most successful businesses in tech history, and it can get even more popular, all they need to do is seal the deal with Mojang and try to make it as popular as ever before.

By: Terry Snyder

(Nathan Smith's step-son)

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