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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Reconnecting The Dots Between Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds has been a fan favorite pick when it comes to the Deadpool character.

Ryan Reynolds loves playing Deadpool, and fans love him as Deadpool.  However, fans did not like how X-Men Origins: Wolverine portrayed him. Wade Wilson, not yet Deadpool, fresh out of the Weapons X project looking like a science experiment gone wrong and hold lasers shooting out his eyes, swords coming out of his fists, transporting around, and his mouth sealed shut. That is not the Deadpool fans wanted. What fans didn't get to see was a deleted scene from the ending of the movie, where Deadpool's hand comes out from the rocks and grabs his head, his eyes open, his mouth isn't seal ed shut and he says "Shhhhh!".

Then years later, CGI test footage leaks out where Ryan Reynolds voices Deadpool. Fans went nuts and were so happy that there must be a Deadpool movie after all. Fans still waiting, Ryan Reynolds still waiting, and MARVEL studios just dragging their feet around.

If they ever do a Deadpool movie,  Ryan Reynolds has said that the Deadpool character needs to be based from the comic and no other source.

Please check out the videos of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Interviews, Leaked Test Footage and the X-men Origins: Deadpool deleted end credit scene.

Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool

Deadpool - Leaked Test Footage [HD] Ryan Reynolds

X-MEN ORIGINS| Waffe X: Mutantenakte - Wade Wilson / Deadpool eng / ger sub

X-Men Origins Deadpool end-Credit scene!!

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