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Monday, August 11, 2014

Babylon 5 Theatrical Reboot?

Babylon 5 is one of my personal favorite serialized Science Fiction television series of all time.  It had intrigue, espionage, conflict, drama, and excellent television acting.  The twists, the turns, the plot developments that spanned through not just each episode, but through each season.  So, the news I am about to share makes me very happy!

J. Michael Straczynski announced at SDCC (I somehow missed this announcement) that he is working towards bringing Babylon 5 to the big screen.  From what is understood, it is NOT going to be a continuation of any of the existing material currently out there in the original series, Crusade, or the TV movies.  This film will be a complete reboot.

I am actually excited to hear this.  I have been hoping for a return of B5 to television for a very long time, but each time something was attempted to continue on the story, it failed.  Whether from lack of support, to just having a story that was "uninteresting".

The film does not have a script yet, nor does it have backing from Warner Bros.  Straczynski has said that if he does not get the WB behind the movie, he will produce it from his own production house with a budget between $80 Million to $100 Million.  Honestly, that is a fairly respectable budget, but can he really pull of a big theatrical movie on anything less than $100 million?  Special effects have come a LONG way since Netter Digital handled the visual effects for Babylon 5.

This new film, however, Straczynski wants to figure out ways to bring in the original actors in new rolls, such as Bruce Boxleitner as the "President of the Earth Alliance", as an example.  How this will all work out in the end, we will have to see.  I would not be surprised if we find out about a Kickstarter campaign before to long to help fund the film.  IF that happens, I may just have to help fund it.

Babylon 5 Season 5 Intro

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