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Monday, July 7, 2014

Brandon Routh Coming to CW's Arrow

Brandon Routh, best known for his role in Superman Returns and his stint as a villain on Chuck, will be coming to this seasons run of CW's Arrow.

Routh will be portraying Dr. Ray Palmer, known as the superhero in the DC Universe as The Atom.  From the numerous sources reporting on this topic, Palmer will be the new head of Queen Consolidated's R&D department.  He will come off as an initial no-do-gooder using the R&D department to create what appears nefarious technologies.

However, as anyone that knows their DC stuff, Dr. Palmer is a hero, not a villain.  Considering the problems Oliver Queen has had regarding the family business since the shows inception, this comes as no surprise that more problems will come about.

What makes this really exciting is the rumors surrounding the series Arrow.  Nothing...I repeat established regarding this rumor, other than Stephen Amell fueling the flames with lackadaisical statements not confirming or denying anything.  Arrow seems to be a tie in to the DC Cinematic Universe, where along with possibly The Flash, could allow DC to introduce numerous characters regularly to tie into the overall bigger picture without having to dedicate movie money into expanding Marvel does with their big names.

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