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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A New Harry Potter Story!

J. K. Rowling has released a brand new story over at Pottermore about none other than Harry Potter!

This isn't just a new short story set in the Potter-verse, but an actual story about Harry, Ron, and Hermione.  It appears to be set when they are around 34 years old, so in a way not to far off from the scene we all remember at the end of the last movie/book.

The story is presented in the fashion of Rita Skeeter doing a tabloid like piece at the Quidich World Cup.  She not only interviews the three mentioned, but also a few other beloved characters.  It appears to be a feel good piece, even though the heavy hand of Skeeter is in there trying to push suspicion and conspiracy.

You can check out the article at the aforementioned Pottermore, or at Today if you can't get the link at Pottermore to open without signing in/up.

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