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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Who Did It Better?

Who Did It Better?

In the first season of Notes & Nerds, your neighborhood friendly Spider-man made two appearances. Spider-man's first appearance was Episode 5 - JLA vs Avengers and was played by Kyle Grier. Then again on Episode 8 - The Amazing Spider Man 2 was played by Eric Schuetz. Both did an awesome job as the amazing web slinger, but who did it better?
Kyle Grier, a good friend of Eric & Nathan's, agreed to do the part when it was offered to him. Kyle brought the youthful and fun side to the Spider-man's character. He was always making the crew crack up with his silly antics, and even took the time to wave at kids and passersby while in costume.

Episode 5 - JLA vs Avengers (Kyle Grier as Spider-man)

Eric Schuetz, co-owner and co-host of Notes & Nerds. Eric played Spider-man and Venom because Kyle Grier was unavailable. Eric vision of Venom was creepy but funny. His spider-man showed a more adult style humor, while still keeping it funny.

Episode 8 - The Amazing Spider Man 2 (Eric Schuetz as Spider-man and Venom)

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