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Friday, May 30, 2014

New Stargate Films

Roland Emmerich, the director to the original StarGate film, is onboard to direct two new films in the franchise.  The big question remains to be answered...are these films directly related to the original film, or are they connected to the SG-1 universe?  At one point a few years ago, Emmerich stated that he did not like the SG-1 series, at all.  He stated that if he were to direct a sequel to the original film, it would be just that, a sequel to the original film.  He would not make ANY reference to the content of the SG-1 universe, including Atlantis and SG-U.

So with that last bit in mind, the rumors are that this may not actually be a sequel, but an entire reboot of the franchise.

Why a reboot?  The first film came out in 1994.  That is literally 20 years ago.  When you consider that time frame, the age of the original actors, and the fact that the original film is forgotten next to the juggernaut that is the television series, it makes a LOT of sense to reboot.  Not only can Emmerich get the franchise back into the minds of moviegoers, but with the fact that we haven't had a new Stargate series on television since SG-U in May 9th, 2011.  That is now 3 years ago.  It is time for Stargate to come back.

However, one fear that some fans may take into consideration is whether or not Emmerich will turn Stargate into a "destroy the Earth" movie.  His plans for the Independence Day sequel will certainly be a "destroy the Earth" type film, but let us hope that Stargate doesn't end up that way.

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